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Each slip is allowed two keys for the clubhouse. Keys  can be obtained or purchased from Eriks Jansons  @ Slip #35.


A lost key or any additional keys are $10.00 each.   

Speed limit

The speed limit in the Marina parking lot is 5mph. It is everyone's responsibility to follow the posted speed limit. It is the slip owners/renters responsibility to ensure their guests follow this as well. 


Reminder each slip has one parking space facing the water. If your golf cart is in that space you need to park facing the center grass, if your picnic table is stored in that space, you need to park facing the center grass. 


We have ice for sale for our owners and renters convenience. $3.00 per bag 


The Marina requires all dogs to be on a leash and under the owners control. If your dog is outside of your boat, you must have he/she on a leash to ensure the safety of your fellow boaters, their family and pets. This aligns with the city of South Havens ordinance. 

If you have your pet on a tie out, your pet must remain in your area and not able to reach the sitting area of your neighbors or in the shared walkway.

Pet area

The pet area is on each end of the center grass. See the posted signs. It is the pet owners responsibility to clean up after their pets. 

Center Grass area

The center grass area is open to set up lawn games.  

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